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Arcelab Inc. Architects 
Arcelab Inc. Architects is a full service (design through construction documents/construction administration) architectural design firm that designs according to the client's goals and aspirations.  We are fully committed to realizing your dreams and making it an enjoyable process for everyone.  The name is a composition of architecture (design of buildings) - environment (natural surroundings) - and laboratory (intense research) where the name refers to two elements - architecture and environment being studied rigourously with the goal of a symbiotic relationship between the two being achieved.     
Reasons to use an architect 
1. Using an architect is the best investment a client can make in insuring the success of your design project.  Many clients feel that they do not need or cannot afford an architect and that their project may be too small for an architect to be interested in it or that architects simply cost too much.  Keep in mind that most architect's fees are a small portion (typically about 3%-5%) of the total construction budget.  In fact, they typically save the client more than that in the more efficient design that they can provide and the guidance that they can give the client regarding the selection/coordination of materials, fixtures, site planning, contractors, etc.  In fact, many people pay more for a new built-in refridgerator than the architect's fees for designing the whole house.  In addition, as a comparison, a realtor would have charged 2-5 times as much (typically 5-6% of total property value) just to sell their home if they decided to relocate or were buying a new home.
2. A licenced architect is required to have completed 5 years of a University level architectural program focusing on design and construction, then 3 years of on the job training experience prior to then being allowed/required to take and pass a 9 part - week long examination to become licensed.  Architects are trained to think thoroughy about your design goals and study the given constraints and to then develop the best design options and alternatives for you to ensure that you have the best design given the site and budget constraints.    
Reasons to use Arcelab
We are focused on designing a new house or remodel/addition that maximizes the opportunities that budget, site, existing conditions, and codes allow for you.  We consider the client an essential design team member and listen to your needs, desires, and concerns and respond in a thoughtful and creative way allowing for a design to evolve with all parties excited and supportive of the proposed final design. 
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